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Forestry cutter


forestry-cutter-1Forestry cutter

  • Complete tree and brush handling package
    Ability to cut higher trees and limbs down to size, grind trees from top to bottom, produce mulch
  • Capacity to operate below grade to till mulch into the soil
  • Standard front gate for reduced front discharge of material and longer processing for finer mulching
  • Protected front gate opening system for better durability
    32 special fixed teeth made of highly resistant tungsten carbide
  • Reinforced chain protection for a safe environment
  • Ability to last up to 1000 hours according to the application

The fast-cutting, double-tipped carbide teeth of the forestry cutter remove trees and brush to grind them into mulch. The latter slows growth and provides organic fertilizer for the remaining plants. Use this smooth operating attachment to remove all trees in an area or selectively thin stands. The durable design of the forestry cutter enables it to withstand extreme working conditions. This tool can only be operated in high-flow mode. To ensure optimum protection of the operator and the machine, the forestry applications kit must be installed on the loader.


Forestry cutter

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  • Forestry
  • Nurseries
  • Landscaping

Main features

  • Provides you a complete tree and brush management package
  • Cut higher trees and limbs down to size - Grind trees from top to bottom - Produce mulch
  • Spiral tooth pattern allows one tooth to engage at a time for smoother operation and less horsepower demand
  • Double-tipped carbide teeth efficiently rip through hard and soft woods, provide long life
  • Can operate below grade to process mulch into the soil
  • Pressure gauge is visible from the seat to help operator run the attachment at peak efficiency
  • The standard front gate can reduce front discharge of material and can promote longer processing into finer mulch
  • The Bobcat Forestry Applications Kit protects the operator and the machine

DescriptionItem numberCompatible with loader
Forestry Cutter FRC150 7161393 T320-B, A770-E, S770-E, T770-E, T870-E, S850-E

DescriptionItem numberCutting width (mm)Number of teethTree diameter, continuous use (mm)Tree diameter, intermittent use (mm)Tree diameter, occasional removal (mm)
Forestry Cutter FRC150 7161393 1500.0 24 100.0-120.0 180.0-220.0 250.0-300.0


DescriptionItem numberOperating weight (kg)Shipping weight (kg)Overall length (A) (mm)Overall width (B) (mm)Overall height (C) (mm)
Forestry Cutter FRC150 7161393 1300.0 1300.0 1288.0 1834.0 1600.0