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E25 – Thiết bị cho thuê.

  • - Dễ dàng vận chuyển và ổn định vượt trội.
  • - Hệ thống thủy lực mạnh mẽ và vận hành êm thuận
  • - Thoải mái tiện nghi cho thợ vận hành
  • - Độ tin cậy và độ bền vượt trội.
  • - Bố trí dễ dàng trong bảo dưỡng sửa chữa

Xe xúc Bobcat E25 đã được thiết kế có độ tin cậy và độ bền rất cao, tiện nghi trong vận hành, hệ thống thủy lực mạnh mẽ vượt trội và điều khiển vận hành kết cấu làm việc êm ái. Máy xúc E25 đã được áp dụng rất nhiều cải tiến và công nghệ mới mà được chưa áp dụng với dòng xe nhỏ gọn tương tự trên thị trường. Máy xúc E25 có trọng lượng vận hành là 2571 kg (bao gồm cabin và gầu tiêu chuẩn), đây là sự kết hợp để có tính ổn định làm việc tuyệt vời cho máy xúc.

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Features and benefits

Excellent stability and transportability

By optimizing the weight of the workgroup using the proven “4-plate box” technology, the center of gravity has been moved towards the back of the excavator.  As a result, the E25 does not require any additional counterweight. Thanks to the optimized weight, the E25 can be transported by trailer more easily.

Smooth and powerful hydraulics

Thanks to a new main control valve, optimized pump and higher working pressure, the hydraulic system allows smooth, quick and simultaneous operations in combination with powerful digging forces.

Uncompromised operator comfort

A major feature on the E25 is the incorporation of the same cab used on the Bobcat range 3 to 5 tonne compact excavators. Operator comfort and ample entry space have always been very important features of Bobcat compact excavators and the Bobcat E25 does not compromise these features. This also counts for the improved operator noise level.• Joystick controlled boom swing
Boom swing is controlled by a thumb wheel located on the left joystick, instead of the pedal control used on many competitive machines of this size. This feature allows for improved controllability (metering) of the boom swing as well as offering more floor space for the operator.• New auto-shift travel motors
A new feature offered by the Bobcat E25 is the auto-shift travel motor which allows an automatic transition of speeds. The machine shifts automatically from low to high speed or vice versa, providing superb travel performance in any working condition. The operator activates this feature by simply pushing the button on top of the blade control lever.• More ergonomic design
Travel controls with new cast aluminum pedals enable smooth, precise control of the machine. When not in use, the pedals can fold forward for maximum foot room and easy cab clean-out. The travel levers are positioned adjacent to each other, allowing easy drive control, even with one hand if necessary. This makes it easier to backfill as the operator can steer with one hand while adjusting the blade with the other one.

Great reliability and durability

Computer-aided design, highly durable materials and structures which are endurance-tested under extreme conditions contribute to improved reliability and extended service life.


The E25 is designed so all daily maintenance points are easy to access through the rear tailgate, right hand side cover, removable grill and side panels on both sides of the excavator.



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Operating weight with ROPS canopy , rubber tracks, counterweight and bucket: 2,441 kg
Additional weight for cab with heating 130 kg
Ground pressure with rubber tracks 30.2 kPa


(A) Bucket pivot angle 185 °
(B) Maximum reach of working equipment 4,678 mm
(C) Maximum reach at ground level 4,553 mm
(D) Maximum working equipment radius with boom at maximum height and dipperstick fully retracted 2,132 mm
(E) Maximum blade height 385 mm
(F) Maximum blade depth 315 mm
(G) Maximum height of working equipment with dipperstick retracted 3,246 mm
(H) Maximum bucket tooth height 4,272 mm
(I) Maximum dump height 3,057 mm
(J) Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated 1,809 mm
(K) Maximum digging depth 2,582 mm


() (* Dentoes values which long dipperstick installed)
(A) Blade height 330 mm
(B) Clearance, upper structure to ground line 536 mm
(C) Ground line to top of engine cover 1,456 mm
(D) Length of track on ground 1,437 mm
(E) Machine centre line to blade 1,462 mm
(F) Minimum radius in travel position 3,347 mm
(G) Overall length of track assembly 1,859 mm
(H) Overall length in travel position 4,276 mm
(I) Track lug height 25 mm
(J) Blade width 1,400 mm
(K) Height 2,412 mm
(L) Track width 250 mm
(M) Machine centre line to working equipment centre line, left-hand rotation 614 mm
(N) Machine centre line to working equipment centre line, right-hand rotation 735 mm
(O) Minimum turning radius 1,661 mm
(P) Swing clearance, rear 770 mm
(Q) Working width at maximum right-hand rotation 1,660 mm
(R) Working width at maximum left-hand rotation 1,539 mm

Make / model Kubota / D1105-E2B-BCZ-2
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement 1,123 cm3
Maximum net torque at 1400 RPM (SAE J1995) 71.2 Nm

Digging force, dipperstick (ISO 6015) 15,800 N
Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015) 22,200 N
Drawbar pull 30,200 N
Travel speed, low range 2.4 km/h
Travel speed, high range 4.6 km/h

Pump type Dual outlet variable displacement piston pump with gear pumps
Piston pump capacity 28.8 L/min
Auxiliary flow 48 L/min
Auxiliary relief 180.0 bar

Boom swing, left 60 °
Boom swing, right 60 °
Slew rate 9.3 RPM

Cooling system 4.6 L
Engine lubrication plus oil filter 5.1 L
Fuel reservoir 34.6 L
Hydraulic system 25 L

Noise level LpA(EU Directive 2000/14/EC) 77 dB(A)
Noise level LWA(EU Directive 2000/14/EC) 93 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (ISO 2631–1) 0.4 ms-2
Hand-arm vibration (ISO 5349–1) 1.6 ms-2

  • 1400 mm dozer blade
  • 250 mm rubber track
  • Auxiliary hydraulics with Quick Couplers
  • Cab light
  • Clamp ready
  • Control console locks
  • Cupholder
  • Engine/hydraulic monitor with shutdown
  • Fingertip auxiliary hydraulic control
  • Horn
  • Hydraulic joystick controls
  • Lockable storage compartment
  • Radio/MP3 ready
  • Seat
  • Retractable seat belt
  • TOPS/ROPS* canopy (1)
  • Two-speed travel
  • Work lights (boom and upperstructure)
  • Warranty: 12 months, 2000 hours (whichever occurs first)

(1) Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) – Meets requirements of ISO 3471. Tip Over Protective Structure (TOPS) – Meets requirements of ISO 12117.

  • Factory Options
    • Auxiliary hydraulic line on arm
    • Keyless start
    • Auto idle
    • TOPS/ROPS cab with heater
    • 2nd Auxiliary hydraulics
    • Suspension seat (vinyl)
    • Deluxe textile suspension seat
    • Boom safety valve
    • Boom & arm safety valves
    • Travel motion alarm
    • Direct return to tank
  • Dealer Installed Accessories
    • AM/FM stereo radio
    • FOGS kit (Overhead guard)
    • Beacon kit
    • Left and right mirror kit
    • Additional work light kit
    • Fuel filter with transparent water separator