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E85 – Tiện nghi và vận hành với kết cấu máy nhỏ gọn.

  • -  Cabin tiện nghi và rộng rãi
  • -  Tầm nhìn tốt.
  • -  Thiết kế xoay toa phần đuôi không gian mở rộng ít
  • -  Panel điều khiển và màn hình hiển thị LCD
  • -  Nâng cao lực cắt phá.
  • -  Vận hành thủy lực mạnh mẽ và êm thuận.

Xe xúc Bobcat E85 khi xoay toa phần đuôi quay với không gian mở rộng ít giảm đi va chạm phần đuôi với các vật xung quanh khác, tải trọng tiêu chuẩn khoảng 8,5 Tấn và là xe xúc dòng nhỏ gọn lớn nhất của Bobcat. Dòng xe này có cabin rộng rãi, tiện nghi, phần thủy lực công suất mạnh mẽ đáp ứng được hầu hết các nhu cầu của khách hàng đòi hỏi với chủng loại xe nhỏ gọn.

Để đáp ứng với các công việc phức tạp khác nhau, khách hàng có thể chọn lựa thêm cho xe xúc của mình như bánh xích, tay cần dài, thêm đối trọng, van giữ tải cho lưỡi ủi và hệ thống thủy lực phụ trợ thứ ba.

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Features and benefits

Large and comfortable operator environment

The Bobcat E85 is a zero tail swing design compact excavator with an operating weight around 6.2 tonne. This models is equiped with the similar cab used on the 8 tonne compact excavator offering great comfort in terms of operator environment, leg room, air conditioning and visibility.

Clear and functional LCD operating system

The operating system is located in front of the operator to provide all the required information within sight. The 5.7" LCD colour panel provides all kinds of additional functionalities, such as auxiliary hydraulic settings, maintenance diagnostics and keyless capabilities.

Versatile auxiliary hydraulics

In terms of auxiliary hydraulics, both the first and second auxiliary hydraulics are standard installed on this model and are propotionally controllable in two directions by the joysticks. The flow of the auxiliary hydraulics is adjustable in order to operate any kind of attachment.

Easy maneouverability when leveling

The travel motors are standard equipped with the auto-shift feature to enhance the manoeuvrability of the model especially for turning and levelling activities, since it automatically shifts down during heavy loads.

Safety features which facilitates regional requirement

The standard boom and arm load holding (safety) valves will support the dealer to apply for a lifting certification and an optional load holding valve is offered on the blade, which would eliminate the blade floating feature. This feature supports the operator to easily level the ground.

Market leading fuel efficiency

The engine automatically idles the engine when functions are not used and for four seconds and returns to normal operating throttle when operation resumes, which improves the fuel efficiency. The integrated refueling pump will support the operator to fillup the fuel tank by pumping fuel from any reservoir.



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Operating weight (MARK) 8,540 kg
Additional weight for steel tracks 112 kg
Additional weight for long dipperstick 60 kg
Ground pressure with rubber tracks 38.2 kPa


(A) Bucket pivot angle 182 °
(B) Maximum reach of working equipment 6,915 mm
(C) Maximum reach at ground level 6,765 mm
(C*) Maximum reach at ground level, long dipperstick 7,295 mm
(D) Maximum working equipment radius with boom at maximum height and dipperstick fully retracted 2,550 mm
(D*) Maximum working equipment radius with boom at maximum height and dipperstick fully retracted, long dipperstick 2,635 mm
(E) Maximum blade height 437 mm
(F) Maximum blade depth 304 mm
(G) Maximum height of working equipment with dipperstick retracted 5,007 mm
(H) Maximum bucket tooth height 6,630 mm
(H*) Maximum bucket tooth height, long dipperstick 6,980 mm
(I) Maximum dump height 4,645 mm
(I*) Maximum dump height, long dipperstick 4,995 mm
(J) Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated 3,245 mm
(K) Maximum digging depth 4,175 mm
(K*) Maximum digging depth, long dipperstick 4,725 mm


() (* Dentoes values which long dipperstick installed)
(A) Blade height 408 mm
(B) Clearance, upper structure to ground line 735 mm
(C) Ground line to top of engine cover 1,715 mm
(D) Length of track on ground 2,200 mm
(E) Machine centre line to blade 1,910 mm
(F) Minimum radius in travel position 4,785 mm
(G) Overall length of track assembly 2,825 mm
(H) Overall length in travel position 6,165 mm
(H*) Overall length in travel position, long dipperstick 6,265 mm
(I) Track lug height 26 mm
(J) Blade width 2,300 mm
(K) Height 2,640 mm
(L) Track width 450 mm
(M) Machine centre line to working equipment centre line, left-hand rotation 704 mm
(N) Machine centre line to working equipment centre line, right-hand rotation 837 mm
(O) Minimum turning radius 2,550 mm
(P) Swing clearance, rear 1,300 mm
(Q) Working width at maximum right-hand rotation 2,166 mm

Make / model Yanmar / 4TNV98C-VDB8
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 3,319 cm3
Maximum net torque at 1360 RPM (SAE J1995) 241 Nm

Digging force, dipperstick (ISO 6015) 43,900 N
Digging force, long dipperstick (ISO 6015) 36,600 N
Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015) 64,700 N
Drawbar pull 64,700 N
Travel speed, low range 2.7 km/h
Travel speed, high range 4.7 km/h

Pump type One engine-driven tandem axial piston pump and one engine-driven gear pump
Piston pump capacity 151 L/min
Auxiliary flow 95 L/min
System relief pressure for auxiliary circuits 250 bar
Auxiliary relief 210.0 bar
Relief pressure for implement circuit 295.0 bar

Boom swing, left 70 °
Boom swing, right 55 °
Slew rate 9.5 RPM

Cooling system 10 L
Engine lubrication plus oil filter 10.2 L
Fuel reservoir 110 L
Hydraulic system 148 L

Noise level LpA(EU Directive 2000/14/EC) 71 dB(A)
Noise level LWA(EU Directive 2000/14/EC) 98 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (ISO 2631–1) 0.3 ms-2
Hand-arm vibration (ISO 5349–1) 0.8 ms-2

  • 2300 mm dozer blade
  • 450 mm rubber tracks
  • 5.7 inch LCD screen
  • Engine/hydraulic monitor with shutdown
  • Fingertip auxiliary hydraulic control
  • Control console locks
  • Hydraulic joystick controls
  • Two-speed travel
  • Lockable storage compartment
  • Horn
  • Work lights
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Suspension seat with high back
  • Consoles with forwards/backwards adjustable displacement
  • Boom & arm safety valves
  • Harness for rotating beacon
  • Fully adjustable air conditioning
  • Overload warning device
  • Sun visor
  • Left rear view mirror
  • Electric refueling pump
  • Auto idle
  • Auto shift travel
  • Auxiliary hydraulics (1st and 2nd circuits)
  • Auxiliary lines on arm with quick couplers
  • Warranty: 12 months, 2000 hours (whichever occurs first)
  • Travel motion alarm

  • Steel tracks
  • Third auxiliary hydraulic line (Clamshell Piping)
  • Long dipperstick