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Xe xúc Bobcat TL470HF


tl4700hf-1From man... to machine

The new TL470HF telescopic handler complements the TL360 and TL470 models in the range with important new features, including a higher horsepower engine and a market-leading 190 l/minload sensing hydraulic pump.  The high engine power and hydraulic flow ensure an even more powerful and more productive machine with better traction and faster cycle times.


In order to provide the best solution in terms of technology and customer benefits we are launching Stage IIIB using leading EGR technology without the need for a DPF® system. This means our Stage IIIB system provides the best leading technology for meeting regulations while minimizing the associated maintenance and operating costs.

Features and benefits

Optimum Power & Productivity

The TL470HF offers improved performance in terms of engine power and hydraulic pump capacity.

Better Performance by creating more energy during combustion, resulting in more torque output from the engine

Better Operator Comfort by lowering peak engine cylinder pressure to reduce engine noise levels

Lower Operating Costs thanks to more thorough fuel combustion, resulting in less fuel being consumed

Cleaner Exhaust leading Stage IIIB technology

Market leading hydraulics a new load sensing pump delivering 190 l/min flow gives faster boom movement speeds and improves overall cycle times.

Oil flow when it is needed
A load sensing pump delivers oil flow when and where it is needed, so this function provides the best boom movement performance at any engine speed.  The result is a decrease in the operating oil temperature and reduced loss of power, further enhancing performance.

Reduced fuel consumption
The higher flow rate, coupled with the benefits of optimizing the hydraulic oil flow, allows the engine to be run at a lower RPM, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Superior Visibility & Comfort

A spacious work environment is made possible through the use of a patented asymmetric cab.  The cab design has five pillars, with the right rear corner free from blocking structures while still offering maximum protection as well as meeting ROPS/FOPS requirements.
In combination with a high resistance full-glass enclosure, the cab design offers superb 360° visibility.

Top Quality & Reliability

Stringent requirements were put on the design of the mainframe for all TL models. The result is a very robust machine capable of working in virtually any application.
The fully integrated boom head is designed to withstand tough loading and other high stress applications. Coupled with a tool carrier that is specifically designed to reduce stress around the pick-up points, the boom structure on the TL range is built for a long service life.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

The parallel side-mounted engine provides easy and safe access to the main engine maintenance points, allowing service time to be kept to a minimum.   Thus ensures maximum uptime for the machine and reduced costs for the customer.
For fast and easy maintenance, the TL470HF has access holes with covers strategically placed on the mainframe.  The covers can quickly be removed for ready access to service points.



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Lifting height 6,957 mm
Rated capacity 3,500 kg
Capacity (at max. height) 3,000 kg
Capacity (at max. reach) 1,500 kg
Max. reach 4,002 mm
Crowding force 6,200 daN

With forks and standard 405/70x20 tyres loadchart-tl470hf Complies with stability test EN1459 annex B

Weight (unladen) 7,130 kg

Standard tyres Standard 405/70x20
1st gear / low range (40 km/h option) 6 (6) km/h
1st gear / high range (40 km/h option) 11 (12) km/h
2nd gear / low range (40 km/h option) 16 (18) km/h
2nd gear / high range (40 km/h option) 30 (40) km/h

Main drive Hydrostatic motor with 2 speed gearbox
Transmission Hydrostatic with electronic regulation

Make / Model DEUTZ / TCD3.6 L4
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Liquid
Rated power (DIN 6271) at 2200 RPM 89.5 kW
Maximum torque at 1400 RPM 480 Nm
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 3.6 L

Pump type Load sensing pump

Lift time - no load 4.9 s
Lower time - no load 4.3 s
Telescope in time at max. reach - no load 4.8 s
Telescope in time at max. height - no load 4.8 s
Telescope out time at max. reach - no load 4.9 s
Telescope out time at max. height - no load 4.9 s

Engine braking Hydrostatic
Parking and emergency brake Negative brake with hydraulic command

Axles and reduction gears front / rear 9.1/9.1 L
Engine oil 8 L
Fuel tank 138 L
Hydraulic reservoir [HYDRAULIC] 59 L

  • Aggravating Movements Arrester (AMA)
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • ROPS/FOPS operator cab
  • Heating, demisting and ventilation
  • Front and rear washer/wipers
  • Suspension seat
  • Road lights
  • Turn signals
  • Right and left side mirrors
  • Two way hydraulic supply at the end of the boom
  • Mudguards
  • Narrow hook-up for mounting of the equipment
  • Mechanical lock of the equipment
  • Joystick with forward/reverse control
  • Transmission lock override
  • Work lights on top of the cab
  • Load Sensing Pump
  • Turbo-charged engine - Deutz 3B
  • Cold start
  • Standard 405/70x20 tyres

Sound pressure level (LpA) 77 dB(A)
Level of acoustic power (LWA) 106 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (ISO 2631–1) 1.2 ms-2


(-) Operator cab inside width 900 mm
(A) Overall length (with forks) 6,074 mm
(B) Overall length (with carriage) 4,869 mm
(C) Overall length (without attachment) 4,763 mm
(E) Overall height (with rotating beacon) 2,561 mm
(F) Overall height 2,374 mm
(G) Carriage rotation angle 135 °
(I) Height to back of the machine 1,752 mm
(J) Ground clearance 430 mm
(L) Front axle to front carriage 1,356 mm
(M) Wheelbase 2,870 mm
(N) Rear axle to back of machine 643 mm
(O) Operator cab outside width 1,013 mm
(P) Track width (front & rear) 1,895 mm
(Q) Width over standard tyres 2,300 mm
(R) External turning radius (with forks) 5,015 mm
(S) External turning radius (at tyres) 3,714 mm
(U) Internal turning radius 1,092 mm

  • Air conditioning
  • Back-up alarm
  • Blue lights for henhouses
  • Boom light
  • Boom stop
  • Boom suspension
  • Cyclonic air prefilter
  • Front tow hitch
  • Lockable fuel cap
  • Manitou carriage with hydraulic attachment lock
  • Proportional engine fan with inverter
  • Protective grill for windshield
  • Quicktach carriage with hydraulic attachment lock
  • Rear auxiliary line
  • Sears air suspension seat
  • Support for vehicle registration plate without rear hydraulic hitch
  • Tool box
  • Transmission 40 km/h